• July 8, 2016
    5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

To all who have or will attend my workshop in Paris, France!


  • It will be a 5 hour session
  • First a 2 hour session where we are out shooting a talented model
  • Then a 1½ hour session where I will teach you my techniques to achieve perfect post processing/retouch of skin, hair, Dodge and Burn, and perfecting the image
  • Dinner break / coffee
  • Last, a 1½ hour session where we will work on the photos together, using what we have learned.

We will be focusing on making everyone feel like they got everything they wanted for the workshop, so no one will feel lost. There are no stupid questions, we are all trying to learn.

I will rent a facility where we can work and provide cake and coffee. Exact location will be updated here when enough participants have joined the workshop.
Exact date can be adjusted if somebody wants to join on a specific date

Food can be brought in a lunch bag or ordered


The model will be found updated soon!