• October 16, 2016
    4:30 pm - 10:30 pm

To all who have or will attend my workshop in Orlando, Florida for the Fine Nude Art class!

The Fine Nude Art class can be purchased together with the Dream Portrait Class for a discount. Click HERE for the Dream Portrait Class

The date will be Sunday the 16th of October!
We meet at 4:30 PM on a location that will be updated soon when a perfect place has been found.

You will be needing a laptop for the Photoshop part of the workshop. You can also bring your desktop if you can carry it and want to set it up. The newest version of Photoshop is recommended, but older versions are not a problem.

This is a NSFW class, as it will be a nude model. Our main and very important objective will be to keep it classy, mysterious but still gorgeous.
This is an example picture of the mood set that nude fine art can achieve



For this workshop we have hired the beautiful Jacquelyn Michelle Worthy and Luna Sol

Jacquelyn Michelle Worthy has been featured in various magazines, Vanquish multiple times and worked with some of the best photographers in the world




Luna Sol is a model located in Central Florida. Less than one week after her start as a model, she was featured with Rotolight on behalf of Tampa photographer, Darryl Wilson. Following her feature, she has gotten the opportunity to work with many big name photographers in Florida and most recently has been placed on the cover of the March 2014 edition of CFM Magazine. As she has only just turned 20, her dreams and goals continue to grow as she lives out her dreams.

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  • It will be a 7 hour session
  • First a 3 hour session where we are out on location shooting the talented models
  • Then a 1½ hour session where I will teach you my techniques in Photoshop to achieve perfect post processing/retouch of skin, hair, Dodge and Burn, and perfecting the image
  • Dinner break / coffee
  • Last, a 2 hour session where we will work on the photos together, using what we have learned, covering color toning, sharpening and composition.



We will be focusing on making everyone feel like they got everything they wanted for the workshop, so no one will feel lost. There are no stupid questions, we are all trying to learn.

I will rent a facility where we can work and of course provide cake and coffee.

Food can be brought in a lunch bag or ordered. We’re grownups, I’m sure we can figure something out. Pizza is always our salvation.