• October 7, 2016 - October 8, 2016
    6:30 pm - 4:00 am

Implied Nude two day Workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana


The dates will be Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of October!
We meet at 6:30 PM on a location that will be updated soon when a perfect place has been found.

You will be needing a laptop for the Photoshop part of the workshop. You can also bring your desktop if you can carry it and want to set it up. The newest version of Photoshop is recommended, but older versions are not a problem.

This is an Implied Nude Workshop, meaning there will be no direct nudity but she will be partially undressed and covering herself with arms, hands and hair to keep it classy and intriguing.

This is an example picture



As this will be a smaller and more intimate workshop, we have hired Whitney Sharp as the model.
I usually work with newer and more inexperienced models, and for once I thought I’d show you how to instruct someone who might not just fire off pose after pose by herself.
She has great potential, and I am sure we will create amazing art with her.

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  • It will be a 2 day session, 7 hours combined
  • On the first day, we will have a 3 hour session where we are out on location shooting the talented model in the Golden Hour around 6:30 PM
  • Next day at 12:00 PM we will have a 1½ hour session where I will teach you my techniques in Photoshop to achieve perfect post processing/retouch of skin, hair, Dodge and Burn, and perfecting the image
  • Lunch break / coffee
  • Last, a 2 hour session where we will work on the photos together, using what we have learned, covering color toning, sharpening and composition.



We will be focusing on making everyone feel like they got everything they wanted for the workshop, so no one will feel lost. There are no stupid questions, we are all trying to learn.

I will rent a facility where we can work and of course provide cake and coffee.

Food can be brought in a lunch bag or ordered. We’re grownups, I’m sure we can figure something out. Pizza is always our salvation.