After three days of work, carpentering, and moving furniture around, I’ve finally created my new Youtube/Patron studio. Have a look at this sneak peak at my first video in the studio which is a full 30 minute tutorial that goes into detail with a technique that very few people know: Creating fog/ambient effects in Photoshop to create depths. Besides that, I am revealing how I:

  • Select complicated objects
  • Retouch eyes to pop
  • How masks work
  • Using multiple masks to create gradient effects on different subjects
  • Amplifying freckles
  • Change local skin tones affected by cold weather
  • Make dogs sad (Yes, really)

You get the original RAW photo to follow along as well as the original PS file to see how I did my version.
For now, here is a 1 minute teaser. For the full thing, it’s only £15 a month to get tutorials like these every week, requested by you, live retouching and live shoots. I mean, not to shamelessly self promote, but that is a pretty sweet deal.

Check it out right here: