5 Thoughts To avoid As A Photographer

5 Thoughts To avoid As A Photographer

Do you ever get lost in your way to becoming a good photographer?
Do you feel like nothing is working and you’re close to quitting all together?
Me too. And that’s totally fine.
In this post, I’m gonna talk about how you can overcome some of the obligatory obstacles that you come across when starting out as a photographer.

As we may all be aware of, we are humans.

This is fortunate as humans are alike in some ways that will help us understand each other and relate to some thoughts that we all have or had at some point, especially when it comes to progress and in the same instance; failure.

In order to avoid these thoughts, we must first know what they are and why we should avoid them. Let’s get started.

    1. Look at all those amazing photographers, I will never become anything like them!This is exactly what every amazing photographer thought at one point. Can you imagine what would have happened to them if they had listened to this thought? They would have been stuck.
      What you need to think of instead is:
      “These photographers inspire me so much that I will strive towards becoming as great as them!”


  • I don’t have the money to get all that fancy camera equipmentYes. This might be true, as it was with me when I started. But the secret is that you don’t need money to take amazing photos, you just need to either be creative or let other creative people help you. There are tons and tons of  DIY tutorials that will teach you how to make your own beauty dishes, sliders, studios, lighting, sometimes almost for free.
    When I first started, I made a diffuser for my second-hand flash by combining a lamp shade, bubble wrap and a burger box from Burger King (sponsor alert!).
    …And honestly, it feels pretty bad-ass to have made your own equipment.



  • I know that no one likes this and it goes against all rules, but it is how I want the picture to be so it is perfect!
    This is a tough one as there are degrees to it. After years and years of practice, you might be able to reach a point where you have developed a taste that surpasses the general population and even bends the rules.
    ….But if you’ve just started shooting and you think color splash/selective color is amazing on this wedding photo, then it is time to be critical towards yourself.
    As an example, I love Macaroni and Cheese with chocolate sauce. That doesn’t mean that I think it is “good quality food”, and I wouldn’t serve it on a restaurant.
    Never let your pride interfere with your progress. If everyone keeps telling you the same thing, maybe there is something about it.



  • It’s an okay picture, I guess this part is kinda off but hey, it’s overall nice!Nope. Just nope. That’s like making a cake where the eggs are  bit rotten, but it’s overall a nice cake! It will not taste well, and it will not be something that people will remember and come back to. If you’re tired, take a break. Return to it in an hour or a day and see if you can fix it. If you can’t, ask someone who knows how to fix it and spend some time learning it as well.
    The more time you spend on it now, the faster it will be next time.
    Remember, beauty is in the details.



  • I’m not making any profit and I am still no where near the photographers I admire. Should I quit?Yes. Yes you should quit.I’m just kidding, of course not. As Aaron Nace from Phlearn once told me; “Photography is not a destination, it is a journey. If you do not appreciate the journey, you will become lost”I’ve thought about this many times. If there is one thing all humans know, it is the feeling of treading water, barely surfacing for air but keeping on swimming in an unknown direction hoping for land.
    Instead, enjoy the water. Swim on your back and look at the beautiful sky and the fish you meet along the way. I know this analogy has gone astray, but the point is to enjoy the journey as much as the craft itself. You will face rejections, hopelessness, demotivation and lacking creativity….And this is totally fine. It’s part of the journey, and one day you will be forever grateful that you continued and found land.

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    Regards, James


19 thoughts on “5 Thoughts To avoid As A Photographer

  1. Alexander hanzi

    Thank you for this great Input !!

  2. Miroslav Hristoff

    “Photography is not a destination, it is a journey. If you do not appreciate the journey, you will become lost”. I’ve watched this video too. It’s one of the most precious advices for me. Thank you for reminding me this.

  3. As a newbie to photography it is all a bit daunting, from the technicalities of learning about exposure, light, shutter speeds and depths of field, sometimes its like learning a new language. It is good that there are great photographers out there more than happy to assist and give advice and now knowing where to locker where to be sent for tutorials is a godsend. Sometimes i get despondent but then i remember why I’ve taken up this fantastic art form in my late 40’s, i want to capture memories whether it be the expressions of my children or natural beauty this great planet throws at us daily.
    I am starting to see a massive improvement in my images but waylay much more to come and as long as i am enjoying it i will continue. A great set of points as usual and brilliant advice thanks again sensei, i love looking at your art James and being inspired to try and create similar images in my own style. Thanks buddy.

  4. #4 struck a nerve. Now I have the perfect reply to those who tell me it’s “good enough” when I don’t feel that way. They can’t see what’s in my head and I can’t stop until what’s in my head is in front of me.

    1. James

      Hey Natalie, such a great comment! I’d love to see what work you’re referring to if you’d like some feedback 🙂

      Regards, James

  5. Good read. Sometimes we all need that encouragement and a little “push” 🙂

    1. James

      Hello Linda 🙂 You are absolutely right. I hope I pushed someone in a good direction!

  6. Laurel

    James your work is not only impressive but intricately beautiful. The details r exquisite and precisely on the top of my list of “Amazing Photgraphy”. Thank you for blessing us with your grace. Laurel. Richard Saskatchewan Canada.

    1. James

      Laurel, you’re always so sweet 🙂 Thank you for your kind words! It makes me want to work harder and share more 🙂

  7. Wonderful article James. Sometimes I get bogged down by family and work responsibilities and just don’t see the time to create anything new. I know it’s a matter of simplifying my life, but that’s easier said than done right now. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I guess. But yes, your article is very encouraging, thanks for sharing.

    1. James

      Hey Alva, sorry to hear that you’re bogged down! Being overwhelmed is a sad feeling, no one likes to feel powerless, but the truth is that you have all the power you need 🙂 It will be hard, but I believe that if your life doesn’t feel good it’s because you’re doing something wrong, but letting go can be tough for sure!
      Let me know how it all turns out.
      Regards, James

  8. Thanks for the advice, a lot of it strikes home. I love the art side of taking photos. I always see photos in front of me no matter what I am doing. I am fully YouTube and self taught and am at a point where I feel I have a good eye and some ok LightRoom and Photoshop skills but I feel I need to take an educational leap forward in order to further my skills as a photographer. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should look into? Are there any credible online courses to consider?

    Thank you!

    1. James

      Hey Justin, I definitely do 🙂 Of course I would suggest myself, as I give private and affordable courses over skype with share screen. This allows you to follow the perfect pace, the perfect themes and do exactly what you feel like doing at times that fit you.
      Youtube is a great tool that I have used myself a lot as well! But at some point, there are questions that take more than an explanation to answer 🙂
      Let me know if this sounds interesting.

  9. Kim

    Great post. I can so much relate to this 🙂

    1. James

      Thank you Kim! I’ve just fiddled with a system that should send you an email when I reply to you, let me know if this actually works 🙂
      Dear regards, James

  10. Tammy

    great motivation! Thank you!

    1. James

      You’re welcome Tammy 🙂 Let me know if there are any other questions you would love to discuss with me, and I might include it in my next blog

  11. Janie

    Just great!!! I often feel stuck, basically because I am not technical at all!!

    1. James

      So go do something about it 😀 Find an image you really love and try to copy it 🙂 It helps a lot with building up your skills! But eh.. Just don’t get too used to it 😉 hehe

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