Why the Histogram will be your new best friend

Why the Histogram will be your new best friend

I was asked yesterday “James… How do I keep details in shadows?”

The answer to this is the same answer to “How do I keep my sky interesting?” and “why is my image lacking depth?”


Completely underrated tool to keep track of all those little things that tend to screw your image up without you noticing.
I’ve made a little video here where you can hear about the histogram.

Be sure to let me know what you think about this, as any feedback is appreciated! I’m starting out slow here.
Any suggestions for my next tutorial can be written in the comment section below

3 thoughts on “Why the Histogram will be your new best friend

  1. great blog mate, I’m just starting to get my head around the histogram and dialling in Exposure compensation if required albeit it didn’t work out that way today…..more practice needed lol

  2. Brilliant, just about to subscribe to your blog. As an idea for a blog to follow with this one, how about something on controlling the histogram in the camera while shooting!!

    Great video and explanation, simple is always best.

    1. James

      For sure! 🙂 I guess I am living in the luxury of having a 6D Canon camera, it has a high EV (has dark darks and white whites) and the ISO handling is amazing, so I just set it to AUTO.
      That insures that when I get home, the meta-data in the picture will always allow me to save the details in the blacks even though they exceed the histogram on the display panel 🙂
      What gear are you using?

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